Posteado por: Diego I. Rosales | 23 julio 2009

Work as the human condition. Or the eternal return of the same in a biblical way remembering Job

Ok, I will try to settle this in a few sentences.

Proposition 1:We humans do not like to work.

Proposition 2: We hate work.

Proposition 3: We have to.

That’s all.

Question 1: Why don’t we like to work?

Question 2: Why the only thing we like to do is love?

Question 3: Why can’t we just live making love?

Question 4: Is this a demoniac experiment that God supports?

VA - Work Your Soul - Jamaican 60's & Northern Soul 1966-1974

Hannah Arendt says that work is the human condition. But if you read this carefully you will notice that ‘condition’ is not the same as ‘realization’ or ‘destiny’ or ‘ess
ence’ or ‘the most beautiful end and purpose of my life’ or ‘the most wanted and desired activity that I freely chose to spend my depreciatied time, because I don’t want to spend my time in activities such as go to the movies or drink beer or read literature or kiss my girlfriend’.

If you read carefully, I insist, the proposition “work is the human condition” just means that it is the price we have to pay so we can get what we want. But, what do we want? We want to stop working! So, the price that we have to pay for stop working is… work?

Definitely, the answer to question number 4 is: “absolutely yes”.



  1. Boy, no. You didn’t read carefully enough, kid. When Annie is sayin’ work’s the “human condition” she means it work is the disease we, humans, have: she uses “condition” just like someone would call “condition” the being crippled of a crippled, to be polite.

  2. Yo tuve esa reflexión cuando salí del CIDE o, mejor dicho, por eso me y otras cosas me salí. Y cuando recordé el Génesis, me quedé callado. Ojalá pudiera inventar algo que se venda como facebook, google, algo en el canal de ventas, una obra de arte, ganar un torneo de pokar, etc. Lo que sea, creo que se puede vencer, ojalá supiera cómo.


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