GRE and other male stuff

I think GRE is not fashionable any more. It is too masculine. I mean, I do not care about it, but if you think a little bit more, to be masculine is not fashinable nowadays. Everything has to be cool, cute, equal to everybody. Every competiton is out of sight, what one has to be is comprehensive and a little weak, even more, you have to be a minoriy. Then you are in. If you are not the weak part, then you are out of the game.

GRE test is very very competititve, it is out. I do not like it. When I study for it I feel like I am preparing to the olimpic games. And I think I am not wrong if I say it is essentialy the same. The question here is that it is not fashion any more to be that competitive. GRE test belongs to a very exagerated masculine rationality. Nowadays, you have too be more or less gay if you want to be considered a 21st century product.

So I, of course, protest. I complain about the GRE test. It is not funny, it is not cool, it is not Mac-made, it just do not let you say Hakunamatata. It is a really modern product. Hey! Wake up! Modernity has gone! Now we are posmodern guys, we are cool, we do not compete , we are not one against another, we are friends, we are brothers, we all have sex in the same night. You see??? We just do not care about it. To have a PhD is more a fashion thing, like put a Bar on the beach or wear Armani, than a vocational thing. So, why do you bother us with that kind of questions: an adaptive test, standarized proofs, heavy vocabulary, a very fast capacity to solve mathematical problems. Why????

Don’t you see how the world is? Liberalism in economy has failed, of course that comunism and all political paradigms too, democracy is not working so well as we think it would, religion is now a market-ruled thing. See?? There is nothing that give sense to our lifes: not economy, not politics, not religión. That’s how we are now. It’s simple. Beyond MTV there is nothing. So why test candidates for a PhD with so an antiquty? You better ask us what an iPod is, what are the social networks made for, how can Skype be used for 7 hours without interruption and not failing down. That is the kind of questions PhD’s of the future will answer. Not the GRE stuff, not that control instrument. I fell like in 1984 Big Brother’s: they will see how I’ll be doing, they control the test, they will modify it according to my skills… is that freedom??? Is that an empty posmodern paradigm??? No!

So I instruct you to modify the test and make it something like Karate Kid: right, right, left, left, right, right, left, left…



3 comentarios sobre “GRE and other male stuff

  1. jajaja, te está afectando tanto estudio, ¿eh? ¡Cómo me reí leyendo esto! Es la protesta perfecta pata tooodo tipo de test. I hate them !!! Lo mejor es esto: “I complain about the GRE test. It is not funny, it is not cool, it is not Mac-made, it just do not let you say Hakunamatata” IT IS NOT MAC-MADE !!! jajaja Suerteee !!!!!!!!!

  2. This post has so much thinking is so uncool. Besides what’s with MTV is so gone, it’s youtube now. About minorities: I’m left-handed, middle-class, catholic and philosophy student in Mexico and I’m kind of blond, so I’m obviously a minority.

    Y, nada.


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